Our Contract Manufacturing Process

We'll help you deliver quality products to the market fast.

Businesses miss opportunities to launch new products because they think they have to do everything. When they feel they must do everything, they sadly end up doing nothing. 

Out-source critical parts of the manufacturing process to us
You get the help you need, right where you need it

When you don’t have the technology, space or machinery to do it all yourself, we offer contract manufacturing to help you get your products to market.

We are committed to excellence in technology and provide solutions when you’re struggling. We transform your product into modern spray technology in a short amount of time.

Aurena’s dedicated team are trusted guides in medical device contract manufacturing. We are passionate about serving the international pharmacare and medical device industry.

How Does A Contract Manufacturer Partner Work With You?

We have outlined the seven steps in how we work together:

1. We sign a confidentiality agreement between the Aurena Labs and you, the product-owner. 

2. We consult on technical matters and evaluate feasibility. 

3. The parties enter into a contract manufacturing agreement. 

4. A technology transfer happens in both directions.

5. We begin an essential testing and validation phase. 

6. The contract manufacturing begins.

7. You impress your customers and shareholders with a new product.

Other Important Points
  • Operations are carried out in Karlstad, Sweden with quality services that exceed the requirements and expectations of regulatory agencies and customers:
  • We are registered according to ISO13485:2016 and the US FDA as a Drug and Medical Device Establishment
  • ESD and EX-standards, offering manufacturing of flammable products
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