Water based gel for first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburns.

The burn gel from Aurena Laboratories cools and soothes skin that has been damaged or burned by the heat, sun or radiation.

The gel is a water soluble, transparent hydrogel, also containing aloe concentrate. It is to be used as first aid treatment on the skin after excessive exposure to the sun or after heat exposure to achieve the cooling and soothing effects and thereby reducing pain. The product may be used to treat radiation induced dermatitis, which may be considered a superficial burn. The use is limited for first or superficial second degree burns only.

Bag-on-valve technology allows Aurena’s burn gel to be applied from any angle or position with an emptying rate of close to 100%. Therefore, there is no need for hand-spreading, which allows for a more comfortable application on burned and damaged skin.

Intended use:

Water-based gel for first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds, sunburn and UV-radiation injured skin. Can be used for all ages.

Clinical claims:

  • Cooling effect on burns
  • Pain relief of burns by cooling

Product characteristics:

  • Transparent protective gel
  • Non-contact, easy and comfortable application
  • Can be used in any angle
The Facts
  • Market segments: Wound and skin care, First Aid, OTC
  • Composition: Purified water, Carbomer, Preservatives, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Product approvals:Registered according to MDR (Medical Device Regulation2017/745, Class IIa)
  • Shelf life: 3 years from production date
  • Packaging: Standard can sizes are: 50, 100, 125, 150, 200 and 250 ml. Individual carton boxes, with or without leaflets are also available. Pre-printed cans.

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