Rinse and cleanse foreign bodies and pathogens from wounds and eyes

The wound and eyewash spray from Aurena Laboratories rinses and cleanses dust and dirt from wounds and eyes. Wound healing is supported by this isotonic saline spray, which mechanically removes foreign bodies, reduces pathogens, as well as blood, clot and dead tissue, moistening the tissue in the process.

The spray works at any angle, providing a flow of sterile isotonic saline solution, strong enough for washing away clot and foreign bodies from wounds, yet soft enough for washing the eyes. The different available actuators enables to give the spray pattern of choice.

Intended use:
Sterile isotonic saline solution for rinsing/cleansing of the eyes and of wounds. Can be used with contact lenses. For all ages.

Clinical claims:

  • The spray may be used on acute and chronic wounds and pin sites to be cleansed.
  • The spray fluid softens debris and eschar to enable removal.
  • The spray provides a gentle way of removing debris, eschar, pus and slough from a wound cavity.
  • Cleanses wounds and thereby supports wound healing.
  • The liquid is suitable for rinsing and cleansing eyes and skin wounds from dust, dirt, and chemical substances.
  • Can be used for both skin wounds and eyes.

Product characteristics:

  • Can be used at any angle.
  • Sterile to the last drop.
  • Preservative-free.
The Facts
  • Market segments: First Aid, OTC
  • Composition: Sterile 0.9% NaCl solution, Sterile 0,9% NaCl phosphate buffered solution or alternatively sterile Ringer solution.
  • Product approvals: Registered according to MDR (Medical Device Regulation 2017/745, Class IIa)
  • Shelf life: 3 years from the production date.
  • Packaging: Standard can sizes are: 50, 100, 125, 150, 200 and 250 ml. Individual carton boxes, with or without leaflets are also available.
  • Presentations: Both sticker labels and preprinted cans can be used. Labels can be provided with a tamper seal. Preprinted cans are recommended for quantities of 25,000+ per order.

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