An emollient barrier to protect chapped, dry and cracked feet in diabetic patients

This diabetic foot spray from Aurena Laboratories reduces water loss from the skin surface, keeping skin smooth and pliable. It creates a barrier that protects
intact and irritated skin from further damage, reduces friction and soothes sensitive skin.

The principle ingredient is petrolatum, which is highly lipophilic and provides a “lid” function when applied to the skin. This function restores the level of moisture and lipid content in the skin, making it more pliable. It also protects the skin surface from water and irritants; therefore, preventing further damage and initiating the healing of damaged skin.

The product is a spray, so there is no need to rub the petrolatum on to the skin. Broken and chafed skin may, therefore, be treated without touching the skin surface and minimizing the risk for transmitting irritants and/or bacteria.

Bag-on-valve technology allows the product to be sprayed from any angle or position with an emptying rate close to 100%.

Create a barrier on diabetic feet to protect intact and irritated skin from damage or further damage, reduce friction and soothe skin, thereby reducing the risk of infection.


  • Prevents further skin damage
  • Doesn’t sting on application
  • Preserves skin integrity as an emollient
  • Non-contact application of skin protectant on intact, sore or broken skin
  • Preservative-free
  • The canister may be stored in a horizontal position without leakage
  • Can be used with the canister in any position


The Facts
  • Market segments: Skin care, OTC
  • Composition: Hexamethyldisiloxane, Petrolatum, Liquid Paraffin
  • Product approvals: Registered according to MDD (Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC, Sterile and non-sterile versions, Class IIa)
  • Shelf life: 3 years from production date.
  • Packaging: Standard can sizes are: 50, 100, 125, 150, 200 and 250 ml. Individual carton boxes, with or without leaflets are also available.
  • Presentations: Both sticker labels and preprinted cans can be used. Labels can be provided with a tamper seal. Preprinted cans are recommended for quantities of 25,000+ per order.

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