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We manufacture state-of-the-art aerosol sprays

Aurena Laboratories is a leader in private label products and contract manufacturing of bag-on-valve aerosol sprays for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Get in touch with us to discuss the best option for your brand and customers!






Contract manufacturing, private labelling, product development, graphic design and regulatory support are some of our specialities. Learn more about how our services can help you in the process from product development to packaging and certification.


We manufacture a range of aerosol sprays in bag-on-valve packaging. Some examples are nasal spray, wound care, emollient spray and barrier film. Learn more about our extensive range of advanced products.


With few limitations and endless possibilities, your liquid, cream or gel can be transformed with modern bag-on-valve spray dispensing. Learn more about our superior technological solutions.


For over 20 years we have designed and manufactured innovative aerosol sprays for a vast number of companies. Our clients mainly operate in the consumer healthcare, medical device, occupational safety and contamination control industries. Learn more about the different types of businesses we work with.

Why Aurena?

We are:

  • Experts in medical devices and bag-on-valve
  • Smart, custom, creative solutions for the health care industry
  • Trustworthy, reliable partners
  • Collaborative and innovative approach to doing business
  • Take great care to protect our customer relationships