Spray with a unique emollient and moisturizing effect on the skin

The Skin Disinfection Spray is a new, highly effective yet skin friendly disinfection product. The formulation is based on the novel proprietary lipidbased technology AKVANO®.

The Skin Disinfection Spray contains only two ingredients, phospholipids and denatured alcohol, both of which are well known in dermatology applications and safe to use on normal or irritated skin. The high ethanol content in this new generation disinfection product is effective on all bacteria, viruses and fungi, while the phospholipids provide a unique emollient and moisturizing effect, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. As the phospholipids counteract the dehydrating effect of ethanol, a maximum content of the ethanol can be used for effective elimination of all microbes.

The Skin Disinfection Spray provides a lipid layer, which strengthens the skin barrier and gives a moisturizing effect on the outer skin (stratum corneum). The formulation is also a non-irritant, safe to use and has minimal alcohol scent. Phospholipids are natural materials of vegetable origin (soybean), which are non toxic, very well tolerated, dermatologically safe and enjoy Generally Recognized as Safe GRAS status.

The spray product is manufactured in cooperation with Lipidor AB.

Intended use:
For disinfection of hands and other parts of the body. Also for preventing and treating infected wounds and burns, as well as treating minor cuts, abrasions and burns.

 Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect
 Phospholipids counteract the dehydrating effect of ethanol and leave skin soft and hydrated
 Provides a unique emollient and moisturizing effect on the skin
 Non-touch application
 Can be sprayed from any angle

The Facts
  • Market segments: Consumer care, hospitals, institutions, occupational safety
  • Product classification: Biocidal
  • Shelf life: 2 years from production date.
  • Packaging: Standard can sizes are: 50 and 100 ml.
  • Presentations: Both sticker labels and preprinted cans can be used. Preprinted cans are recommended for quantities of 25,000+ per order.
  • Composition: Phospholipids from soybean, denatured ethyl alcohol.
  • Effect validation: Complies with: EN 14476 (antiviral) EN 1500 (antibacterial) Non-irritant: in vitro skin irritation test Epi-Derm™ EPI-200-SIT.

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