Wound and Skin Care: Innovative Solutions for A Growing Medical Device Segment

Environmental factors, an aging population and the increasing prevalence of diabetes are just three reasons why wound and skin care solutions are becoming more important in today’s healthcare industry. When searching for the right solution, medical professionals and consumers demand an effective product that is painless and sterile to manage these often uncomfortable conditions.

For this reason, touch-free wound sprays and skin sprays are a growing medical device segment. From innovative and first-to-market diabetic foot spray in bag-on-valve technology, to medical adhesive remover spray and wound wash spray — evolving wound and skin products into modern spray technology has become a key differentiator in the medical device industry.

More information about the latest technology and Aurena’s family of wound and skin products is available in the presentation below.


Join Aurena’s growing family of innovative products. If you’re ready to evolve your wound spray or skin care product with bag-on-valve technology, choose to work with us — a trusted partner in pharmaceutical contact manufacturing for medical devices. Contact us for options and more information.

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