Wound Cleansing/Irrigation Sprays

Spray Rinse

Saline-based Wound Cleansing and Irrigation Spray

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Wound cleansing and irrigation spray in sterile saline solution helps to remove foreign bodies and reduces the number of pathogens in a wound.

Aurena Laboratories is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer of a wound spray product range that is buffered to restore the physiological pH in the wound. Compared with tap water, the isotonic character of this bag-on-valve aerosol ensures that pain or discomfort is not induced when administered to the wound.

Benefits of Wound Cleansing Spray in Bag-on-valve Aerosol

  • Removal of foreign bodies

  • Reduction of pathogen numbers

  • Removal of blood, clot and dead tissue

  • Moistening of tissue

  • Support wound healing

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