Diabetic Foot Spray

Diabetic Foot Spray

No-rub Diabetic Foot Wound Spray Promotes Healing And Prevents Further Damage

An innovative first-of-its-kind diabetic foot spray in bag-on-valve spray technology provides an emollient barrier that protects chapped, dry and cracked feet in diabetic patients.

Created by pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company Aurena Laboratories, the diabetic foot wound spray reduces water loss from the skin surface, keeping skin smooth and pliable. Since the product is a bag-on-valve spray, there is no need to rub the product on to the skin. Broken and chafed skin may therefore be treated without touching the skin, potentially reducing discomfort and minimizing the risk for transmitting irritants and/or bacteria.

Benefits of Diabetic Foot Spray in Bag-on-valve Packaging

  • Favours diabetic wound healing
  • Prevents further skin damage
  • Doesn’t sting on application
  • Preserves skin integrity as an emollient
  • Non-contact application of skin protectant on intact, sore or broken skin
  • Preservative free and sterile
  • The canister may be stored in a horizontal position without leakage
  • Can be used with the canister in any position
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