Barrier Film Sprays


No Sting Barrier Spray to Protect the Skin

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Barrier film spray works by applying a film with a mixture of silicones, leaving a non-stinging barrier on the skin’s surface. Within minutes, an adhesive medical device can be fastened to the barrier film.

The barrier film bag-on-valve aerosol from Aurena Laboratories preserves skin integrity where medical adhesives are used to fasten medical devices on the skin. It also helps to protect the skin from external irritants, like feces, urine, enzymes from wound exudates, moisture and water.

Benefits of Barrier Film Spray in Bag-on-valve Technology

  • No sting barrier spray application

  • Preserves skin integrity when adhesive devices are removed

  • Protects skin from irritants emanating from urine, feces and/or wound exudates

  • Reduces friction between medical devices and skin

  • Preservative free

  • Sterile

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