Eye Wash Sprays

Eyewash Spray

First Aid Eye Wash Spray in Portable Bag-on-valve Packaging

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The saline eye wash is a hand-held emergency eye wash used for occupational safety and first aid applications. The bag-on-valve portable package makes it the perfect choice when a piped eye wash station is not possible.

This first aid eye wash can be contract manufactured from Aurena Laboratories. It is equipped with a spray actuator giving a very soft spray allowing the eye to be flushed constantly in an emergency situation.

Benefits of Eye Wash Spray

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Flushing of eye can be given constantly for more than 15 min with one (250ml can)

  • Hand-held emergency eyewash used for occupational safety

  • The spray works in any angle

  • Tamper proof

  • Environmental friendly

  • Sterile until the last drop

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