Throat Sprays

Saline and Seawater Sprays for Throat Cleansing

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Soothe and prevent sore throat symptoms due to colds or allergies with throat spray in innovative bag-on-valve packaging. The spray produces a mechanical washing effect of the tissues in mouth and throat, alleviating swelling and congestion of the mucus membrane and washing off excess mucus.

Aurena Laboratories is a throat spray contract manufacturer that develops saline or seawater solution based products. The spray is free of preservatives, and contains extracts of aloe and chamomile that prove effective in treating non-complicated pharyngolaringitis, both bacterial and viral.

Benefits of Throat Sprays in Bag-on-valve Technology

  • Soothes and prevents sore throat symptoms

  • Alleviates dryness and irritation

  • More effective in coating the oropharynx

  • Free of preservatives

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