Saline and Seawater Nasal Sprays

A complete range of saline and seawater nasal sprays

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Aurena offers pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and development for a range of saline and seawater nasal sprays using bag-on-valve technology. They are formulated as isotonic and hypertonic with sterile saline solution, sterile sea salt solution and natural sea water.

Saline and seawater nasal sprays restore moisture to nasal passages irritated by colds or allergies, dryness, pollution and overuse of nasal decongestants. They also provide mechanical cleansing of the nasal cavity from excess mucus, dust, pollutants and allergens in a natural and non-harmful way.

Benefits of saline and seawater nose sprays in bag-on-valve technology

  • Alleviates symptoms of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis

  • Alleviates symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections

  • Facilitates the removal of mucus and crusts in the nasal cavity

  • Prepares / cleanses the nasal cavity before applying medicinal products

  • Daily nasal cleansing

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