Ear, Nose and Throat


Trusted saline and seawater spray for ear, nose and throat

We offer a large range of saline and seawater sprays for ears, nose and throat. In order to accommodate for every preference we offer both hypertonic and isotonic spray formula. The uses for saline solutions are many and widely held on the market. Ear sprays work gently and effectively to prevent build-up of earwax. Nasal sprays are among the most widespread bag-on-valve products in the consumer healthcare market. These sterile saline or seawater-based sprays soothe and relieve stuffy noses and sinus pressure. They are even safe to use for prolonged periods of time. Throat sprays with the aim of soothing and preventing sore throat symptoms during colds and allergies continue to grow in popularity.

Are you interested in tailor-made custom sprays or innovative modifications to a standard product? We have the skill, enthusiasm and resources to accomplish most challenges. Contact us for more information about our hypertonic and isotonic sprays.

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