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Innovate a new or existing product
with the AKVANO formulation technology.
AKVANO is a novel proprietary lipid-based technology for topical medication
and skin care, disinfection, and wound care.
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AKVANO in BOV is the powerful combination of topical medication and product delivery.

AKVANO consists of lipid components which are dissolved in a volatile, water-free solvent mixture. When this formulation is applied onto the skin, the solvent evaporates and a lipid layer is formed in an immediate interaction with the skin surface, fundamentally different from traditional formats of ointments and creams.

Bag-on-valve is already known for its many brand, manufacturer, consumer and environmental benefits. However, the bag-on-valve experience is only as good as the product that goes in the can. By combining the superior formulation of Lipidor's AKVANO topical delivery, companies are able to stand out from their competitors with a truly innovative and effective product.

Effective Delivery of Active Ingredients

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Direct deposition of lipids together with active ingredient leads to highly efficient interaction with the skin barrier.

Novel Approach

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Lipids enables skin barrier reinforcement and many other possibilities for optimizing topical performance.

Improved Patient Experience

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Non-touch, easy to use, quick drying and non-greasy, as well as having a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Favorable Product Development Conditions

Low cost of goods + fast and cost-efficient development of both originator and generic products.


How AKVANO is Different

AKVANO is different from traditional creams and ointments. With AKVANO, the active substance is able to absorb into the skin quicker and more directly, providing better efficacy, and quicker relief for end users.

The Benefits of AKVANO in BOV

  • Airless packaging without exposure to light and oxygen
  • Conveniently works at any angle, allowing comfortable application by the user
  • Continuous spray and no rubbing required
  • Near 100% product emptying
  • Recyclable

Product Types That Will Work With AKVANO and BOV

Topical generic APIs

The combination of AKVANO and BOV offers new benefits as sprayable products compared with other drug delivery systems.

NCEs (New Chemical Entity)

AKVANO and bag-on-valve in combination will be available to companies wishing to develop, innovate or improve new and existing products.


To date, 73 active substances have been tested successfully in AKVANO.

Medical Devices

Product opportunities are available across many product classifications. Cosmetics Licensing opportunities are available, with production beginning at Aurena during 2016.


Products can be regulated in the following categories: biocides, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

How is AKVANO in BOV Different From Traditional Packaging and Application?

Preferred by Patients

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For end-users, the benefit is in the cosmetic qualities and improved convenience. It is for these reasons that AKVANO  formulations are likely to be preferred by patients versus traditional ointments and creams.

The Benefits

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  • Dries quickly
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky
  • Doesn't stain clothing
  • Invisible once dry
  • Allows non-touch application for sensitive skin

Safer Application

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When combined with BOV technology, consumers receive an even greater level of convenience, ease of use, and application. Patients with sensitive skin are able to apply pharmaceutical formulations without causing further damage by rubbing.

Discover the Combination of Superior Bag-On-Valve with AKVANO Topical Formulation

Our partnership with Lipidor's proprietary AKVANO® topical medication offers new opportunities for companies looking to develop bag-on-valve products with API's classified as drugs, or non-drug products classified as medical devices, cosmetics or biocides. What makes AKVANO® superior to traditional creams and ointments? Just fill out the form and download the whitepaper for more information.


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