Contract development and manufacturing of medical devices

Are you ready to take your medical personal care products to the next level? As a leading force in medical devices, Aurena offers everything from product development to manufacturing, design and more. We provide contract development and manufacturing of medical devices for ears, nose, throat, wound and skin care, first aid and other needs.

When you are looking to develop new products and adapt existing ones, Aurena is a manufacturer who will make sure that the right medical devices are brought to market. We work with clients who require a private label and those who prefer an own-brand label agreement.

Progress is constantly happening at Aurena Laboratories. Not just the design and manufacturing of medical devices are made to meet the latest and most sought after standards. We strive to constantly improve our communication and support for customers as well. With more than 20 years of experience in contract development and manufacturing, we have crafted a collaborative and humble way of working. Contact us to start talking about the optimal solution for you!

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