OTC Spray for Clean and Healthy Ears

Saline and seawater ear spray gently breaks down and softens wax in the ear canal.

Cerumen, or ear wax, is a normal and surprisingly necessary product of the ear that protects against water and infection. Yet too much ear wax can result in hard ‘plugs’ with negative health implications, including difficulty hearing, pain and infection. For this reason, it’s important to find the right balance of a clean ear and protective cerumen, particularly for aging patients.

For the growing number of patients who wish to minimize medical visits, gentle and natural over-the-counter solutions are becoming the product of choice for ear care. As with nasal sprays and throat sprays, saline-based products are effective options for ear irrigation.

How does ear spray work?

Saline and seawater ear spray gently breaks down and softens wax in the ear canal. This mechanical action helps to cleanse the ear in a natural, non-harmful way.

Increased comfort and safety with ear spray in bag-on-valve technology

Patients who are experiencing adverse effects of ear wax build up may choose to seek the attention of their doctor or ENT specialist. The medical professional may use a device such as curettes and syringes for mechanical removal and irrigation. This necessitates the use of an otoscope to visualize the procedure. Another option commonly used by a doctor is a suction tool, but many patients find this to be uncomfortable due to the noise and pressure.

The inconvenience, and in some cases the cost of visiting a doctor, has prompted many patients to seek over-the-counter ear cleansing solutions. Several options including drops and pump sprays are available, however, Aurena has innovated a saline seawater ear spray in bag-on-valve technology. The benefits of ear spray in bag-on-valve aerosol include:

Saline seawater spray from contract manufacturers Aurena Labs.

  • Gentle and continuous spray that reduces the risk of damage to tympanic membrane (eardrum)
  • Product stays separate from the propellant, thereby maintaining product integrity
  • Suitable for use in patients 2.5 years and older
  • Easy to take anywhere without the risk of leaking or exploding
  • Preservative free and sterile
  • 100% product emptying
  • Fully recyclable

Innovate your ear spray into an over-the-counter product

Ear spray from Aurena Laboratories is a new product in our growing range of over-the-counter bag-on-valve products. Formulated and developed in-house, the ear spray is a registered product according to the European Medical Device Directive. The primary composition is sterile isotonic seawater solution, or alternatively, sterile isotonic saline solution.

Find out more about our collaborative manufacturing process in this infographic, or contact us for options and more information.

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