Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing for a Range of Industries

As a leading expert in bag-on-valve and medical device packaging technology, Aurena is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company with international clients in the following industries: Consumer Healthcare, Medical Device, Occupational Safety and Contamination.

Consumer Healthcare

Consumers are taking health into their own hands with over-the-counter products (OTC) and marketers are in need of innovative self-care solutions. Bag-on-valve technology is the answer.

Medical device

When a pharmacological claim is not a primary function, wound and skin products are classified as medical devices. These devices are often suitable for bag-on-valve.

Occupational Safety

All organisations must foster a healthy and safe working environment, which includes first aid products for workers’ safety.

Contamination Control

A sufficient level of cleanliness is imperative in controlled environments, such as cleanrooms and laboratories. Sterile alcohol sprays offer one such solution.

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