Gentle and Effective Wound and Eyewash Spray for First Aid and OTC Use

Accidents happen on a daily basis at home or at work — cuts and scrapes on the skin or dust and dirt in the eyes. These often minor incidents require immediate care to prevent the wound or eye from experience further infection or damage. Having a gentle and effective first aid product on hand and accessible is the best first-line of defence to attack such accidents.

Aurena has innovated a portable, easy to use, saline-based and pain-free wound and eyewash spray that should be part of every first aid kit or station at home and at work. This is a first-of-its-kind OTC product that is available for contract manufacturing under a company’s own brand or private label.

The importance of effective wound and eyewash solutions at home and work

Cleanse wounds and eyes gently and effectively using saline seawater spray from contract manufacturers Aurena Laboratories.

In case of a minor accident at home or at work, a wound and eyewash spray can be used rapidly and effectively to rinse and cleanse foreign bodies and pathogens from wounds and eyes. The benefit of a product in a bag-on-valve aerosol spray is that it is much more portable than an eyewash station and suitable for someone to use on their own, without the aid of another person. For this reason, there is growth and interest from the following segments:

  • Professional first aid: can be used by first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, military and different rescue services, such as disaster relief.
  • Family use: gentle and painless way to clean a wound or the eyes, without have to rub the product into a sensitive area. This is particularly excellent for parents to use on children.

How it works: immediate results with comfortable application  

Wound healing and eye cleansing is supported by an isotonic saline spray, which mechanically removes foreign bodies, reduces pathogens, as well as blood, clot and dead tissue, moistening the tissue in the process.

The spray works at any angle, providing a balanced flow rate of sterile 0.9% saline solution, strong enough for washing away clot and foreign bodies from wounds, yet soft enough for washing the eyes.

Additional benefits of wound and eyewash spray in bag-on-valve aerosol include:

  • Suitable for rinsing and cleansing dust and dirt from eyes and wounds
  • Multi-use product for both eyes and wounds
  • Conveniently works at any angle, allowing comfortable application by the patient or a caregiver
  • Continuous spray and no rubbing required
  • Easy to transport without the risk of exploding or leakage
  • 100% product emptying
  • Environmental friendly and fully recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sterile

The wound and eyewash spray from Aurena Laboratories is a medical device product, developed in-house and registered according to the European Medical Device Directive. Companies can partner with Aurena to formulate, sell and distribute this product under their own private label to ensure brand integrity.

To find out more about our service offering as a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, please download our complete guide to how Aurena can help you get your product in to market.

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