Effective Contamination Control Made Possible With Sterile Alcohol Spray

Time constraints, pressure on resources, managing stringent guidelines: these can all be barriers to contamination control. Yet, cleanroom guidelines and regulations on laboratories and manufacturing facilities continue to increase. Today, more than ever, contamination control is reaching different industries and in different ways.

The aim of contamination control is to permanently ensure a sufficient level of cleanliness in controlled environments, most notably, in a cleanroom. This is accomplished by maintaining, reducing or eradicating viable and nonviable contamination. From gowning rooms to packaging areas, to corridors — effective contamination control could make or break the health of a patient or integrity of a product. Having the right solution to ensure cleanliness is critical.

Due to its efficacy, drying time and lack of residue, sterile alcohol is widely used for contamination control. The alcohol’s efficacy are optimised at a 70 per cent dilution with water for injection (WFI). Sterile alcohol products in WFI are typically manufactured as a spray. Most common are different types of trigger sprays but now the sterile alcohols are also available in innovative bag-on-valve packaging. sterile alcohol spray manufacturers

How does sterile alcohol spray work?

Sterile alcohol spray removes residue and potentially harmful contaminants from hard surfaces. The products are double bagged and gamma irradiated to ensure sterility for easy introduction in critical areas. The spray can be used straight out of the aerosol can and be sprayed in any direction. It evaporates quickly and completely.

Applications for sterile alcohol spray

Contamination control is required in many places in the medical industry, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device manufacturing, healthcare facilities, research and laboratory facilities. The spray is versatile and can be applied to floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, hoods, carts and other equipment.

Strict guidelines for the sterile alcohol production process

One of the challenges for production of contamination control products, is the hygienic conditions of manufacturing the product itself. Every stage of the manufacturing process must adhere to strict guidelines and processes in order to achieve compliance. The sterile aerosols from Aurena are filled and double bagged in a Grade B clean room facility and gamma irradiated to ensure sterility for easy introduction in critical areas.

The product can be manufactured in customer brands in various sizes. But the real benefit to Aurena’s contamination control products are the innovation of bag-on-valve technology. The bag-on-valve offers a closed packaging systems that provides a product that is sterile to the last drop.

What makes sterile alcohol spray in bag-on-valve superior?

Although there are many sterile alcohol products on the market today, Aurena’s innovation of this solution in bag-on-valve proves to be superior:Download this free infographic from Aurena Labs.

  • Available with alternative formulations:
    • 70% (v/v) isopropanol and 30% USP WFI
    • 70% (v/v) ethanol  and 30% USP WFI
    • 70% (v/v) denatured ethanol and 30% USP WFI
  • Eliminates contact between product and pressurizing nitrogen
  • Spray at any angle
  • Close to 100% product discharge
  • Double bagged, gamma irradiated for ease of introduction into aseptic areas
  • 0.2 micron filtered, cleanroom grade B (Class 100) filled and packaged; minimizes potential for particles being introduced during use
  • No pumping motion needed for continuous spraying
  • Tested to ensure sterility

Take control of contamination

Partner with Aurena to contract manufacture and private label a sterile alcohol spray in bag-on-valve. Click here for more information, or contact us to discuss partnership options.



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