Aurena Featured in Cleanroom Technology Magazine

Aurena Featured in Cleanroom Technology Magazine

Aurena’s sterile alcohol products and the sterility of bag-on-valve (BOV) packaging are featured in the May 2015 issue of Cleanroom Technology magazine. To read the article, click on the image below, or for more information about Aurena’s sterile alcohol spray in bag-on-valve packaging, please refer to this blog post. It’s only fair to share…

Meet Aurena Laboratories at CPhI: October 7-9, 2014

Are you looking to develop a modern, bag-on-valve medical device? Meet Aurena Laboratories at CPhI from October 7-9 to find out how. CPhI Worldwide, the premier pharmaceutical sourcing event, is taking place in October in Paris. Aurena Laboratories will be at the show, featuring more than a dozen products, including our newest bag-on-valve medical device: […]

OTC Spray for Clean and Healthy Ears

Cerumen, or ear wax, is a normal and surprisingly necessary product of the ear that protects against water and infection. Yet too much ear wax can result in hard ‘plugs’ with negative health implications, including difficulty hearing, pain and infection. For this reason, it’s important to find the right balance of a clean ear and […]

A Natural Solution Over-The-Counter Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays are one of the most commonly purchased over-the-counter products. So it should come as no surprise that there are a range of decongestant sprays available on store shelves. However, today’s customers are more aware about the risks of overusing nasal sprays, leading them to look for more natural solutions. Some are turning to […]

Effective and Convenient Over The Counter Medical Device Solutions

The over-the-counter (OTC) market continues to grow in the pharmaceutical industry. The reason is that consumers want solutions that are readily available without visiting a doctor, and are effective and convenient. One key growth area for OTC is medical devices. From pure seawater nasal sprays in bag-on-valve technology, to burn gels for first-aid care, to […]

Showcasing Wound Care Solutions at the European Wound Management Association Conference

Are you attending the coming EWMA conference in Madrid from May 14-16?  As a leading contract manufacturer of innovative wound care products, Aurena will be showcasing its products and services at this event. We are looking forward to networking with the industry and sharing information about our family of wound and skin care products. Stop […]

Petrolatum Spray: How it Offers Superior Benefits to Diabetic Patients

Petrolatum has been used for years as an effective product for moisturising the skin and providing a barrier for skin protection. For this reason, it is often used when skin is at risk from damage. However, its high viscosity makes it difficult to apply and to deliver an effective quantity, which often results in too […]