Aurena launches Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray

Sparkling Saline provides a unique, refreshing, and invigorating treatment experience among consumers who use nasal sprays.

Aurena Laboratories AB has worked in partnership with Clover Hill Healthcare of the USA to develop Sparkling Saline as a patent-protected technology platform for carbonated medical products that can be leveraged across numerous line extensions and private label products.

What’s different

Sparkling Saline is a drug-free natural product technology based on advanced and innovative formulations.  Patented status provides protection against generic/store brands and allows premium niche marketing based upon the following benefits:

  • Superior sensory impact and consumer experience.
  • Allows for differentiated claims vs. regular saline sprays
  • Advanced technology


CE-marked products, Ready for Private Label

Sparkling Saline can form the basis for a range of ready-developed, market-oriented, CE-Approved products and well-documented products, with short time to market. These products will be unique, patent protected and can be well supported with scientific evidence, regulatory expertise and certification. For US-market the products can initially be classified as cosmetics and for the Canadian market as natural health products.

The initial available products range is CE-marked as class IIa medical devices and will be applied to consumer products for Allergy, Cold & Cough, Sinus Relief and Daily Nasal Care, where careful formulation with carbon dioxide (CO2) provides a demonstrably better patient experience.

Aurena is responsible for world-wide manufacturing, from its modern FDA-inspected facility in Karlstad, Sweden, where it opened the world’s first production line for sparkling saline sprays

Aurena welcomes brand owners from around the world to discuss this new opportunity.

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