Aurena Laboratories and Lipidor Bring Together AKVANO® Sprayable Formulations and Bag-On-Valve Technology for Innovative Wound and Skin Care Products

Karlstad, Sweden, June 4, 2015 — Aurena Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of bag-on-valve medical devices, is partnering with Lipidor AB to combine Lipidor’s proprietary AKVANO® topical formulation technology with bag-on-valve packaging technology. This partnership will offer customers new innovative product opportunities across dermatology, wound, burn and skin care.

“This partnership offers a truly innovative solution that brings together the effective topical medication possibilities of Lipidor’s AKVANO® and the many benefits of bag-on-valve,” said Magnus Hedman, Director of Business Development, Co-founder and Partner at Aurena Laboratories. “Lipidor’s AKVANO® is a unique drug delivery platform for topical products and the knowledge, experience and culture of Lipidor complements Aurena’s commitment to offering creative solutions to the customers. We look forward to working with Lipidor to develop and manufacture new products that will give our customers’ a competitive edge.”Aurena partnering with Lipidor

”Aurena’s advanced yet cost-effective bag-on-valve technology is a perfect fit for Lipidor’s proprietary AKVANO® formulations. We expect through this cooperation to be able to present many attractive products to customers. Aurena is not only a successful manufacturer of medical devices, but has also strong business development capabilities,” said Anders Carlsson, CEO at Lipidor AB.

A powerful combination of topical medication and product delivery

The direct deposition of lipids makes the sprayable AKVANO® principle fundamentally different from traditional formats of ointments and creams. AKVANO® consists of lipid components which are dissolved in a volatile, water-free solvent mixture. When this formulation is applied onto the skin, the solvent evaporates and a lipid layer is formed in an immediate interaction with the skin surface, different from other dosage forms.

Combining AKVANO® with bag-on-valve packaging offers additional benefits for companies looking to differentiate their ointment or cream product. These include:

  • Airless packaging without exposure to light and oxygen
  • Conveniently works at any angle, allowing comfortable application by the user
  • Continuous spray and no rubbing required
  • Near 100% product emptying

Product opportunities available across many product classifications

As part of the partnership, AKVANO + bag-on-valve in combination will be available to companies wishing to develop, innovate or improve new and existing products. These products can be regulated as biocides, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Licensing opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Development of non-pharmaceutical wound and skincare products (medical devices, cosmetics or biocidal products).
  • Use of AKVANO® in the development of pharmaceutical products with proprietary API’s or with API’s that are no longer patent protected, including Lipidor’s psoriasis program.

ABOUT AURENA LABORATORIESAurena Laboratories partners with Lipido

Aurena is the leading expert in bag-on-valve and medical device packaging technology. Starting with product development, right through to packaging and product registration, Aurena is the number one choice for bag-on-valve products for wound and skin, OTC, first aid and other key pharma industries.


Lipidor AB is a Swedish drug delivery company established in 2009. The Company is focused on the development and commercialization of its AKVANO® technology, a new proprietary class of topical medication. AKVANO offers “lipid layer” product opportunities across dermatology, wound and burn care and skin care markets. Research and development is conducted at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.

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For more information, please contact:

Magnus Hedman
Director, Business Development
Aurena Laboratories

Anders Carlsson
Lipidor AB

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