Aurena Laboratories and Clover Hill Healthcare Announce Global Launch of Sparkling Saline

Karlstad, Sweden – August 26, 2015 — Aurena Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of bag-on-valve medical devices, and Clover Hill Healthcare, Inc., a US-based pharmaceutical company specializing in drug-free consumer healthcare products, today announced a Strategic Alliance Agreement for the joint development of sparkling saline and a related line of products. The sparkling saline product provides a refreshing, unique and therapeutic cleansing experience when compared to normal saline nasal spray.

“Aurena offers a comprehensive line of registered and CE-approved saline and seawater nasal spray products in bag-on-valve packaging technology, and more than 20 brand customers globally,” said Magnus Hedman, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Aurena Laboratories. “We look forward to offering Clover Hill’s new sparkling saline technology platform to our customers as a premium, consumer preferred and expert recommended product. We anticipate this product offering will expand and grow the Respiratory Health market across Europe, Western Asia and Africa.”

“This alliance effectively leverages the best of both organizations, including commercial creativity, deep consumer and medical insights, excellence in science and intellectual property know-how, and high quality, global distribution capabilities,” said Ken Glynn, Chairman of Clover Hill Healthcare Inc and inventor of the sparkling saline technology platform.

Sparkling Saline Will Disrupt the Drug-Free Nasal Spray Industry

Aurena Laboratories and Clover Hill  Announce Launch of Sparkling SalineSparkling products have a strong appeal and are preferred by consumers that frequently use nasal saline and other nasal congestion relief products due to its effervescent cleansing experience. Glynn continues, “The United States nasal health market is a multi-billion dollar segment just waiting to be disrupted by drug-free products that deliver unique sensory benefits and superior efficacy.”

Both Clover Hill and Aurena expressed excitement in advancing further clinical studies that would establish sparkling saline as the superior and safest product for the prevention of nasal allergy symptoms.

All manufacturing will be done in Sweden at Aurena. Clover Hill will spearhead distribution in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Australia. The patent pending sparkling saline products will launch worldwide in January 2016 under well known brand names, including Clover Hill’s own brand Clear Ahead.  

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Based in Karlstad, Sweden, Aurena Laboratories is the leading expert in bag-on-valve technology. Offering contract manufacturing, private labelling and product development, as well as registered and approved products for the ENT, wound and skin, first aid and OTC markets. Recent innovations and partnerships include Sparkling Nasal Saline and the proprietary topical formulation technology AKVANO. Visit for more information.


Clover Hill is a new start-up based in Flemington, New Jersey, USA and has a core team of five members who all have decades of experience in new product development in the pharma and consumer healthcare product industries. The company currently has more than two dozen drug-free, hydrocarbon-free innovative products and its sparkling saline product alone will eventually cover four different markets, with both cosmetic and drug type products. The company is focused on world-wide, rapid deployment of high safety/high efficacy products and has partnered with major pharma companies to achieve that goal.

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Stan Lech, Clover Hill; Magnus Hedman, Aurena; Ken Glynn, Clover Hill;

Anders Bared and Lars Hedman, both Aurena

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