Over-The-Counter Throat Spray Based on Seawater

Last month, we wrote about the growth and success of natural over-the-counter nasal sprays formulated with seawater. Recognizing the success of this product line for nasal applications prompted Aurena to also offer a seawater product for throat application. The market response to this product has been very positive and we expect that the throat product range will evolve similar to what has happened in the nasal spray segment.

Seawater and saline spray from contracting manufacturing firm Aurena Labs offers fast, effective relief from sore throat symptoms.

What is a seawater throat spray?

Offered as a CE-marked and registered product, the throat spray from Aurena is available as private label or own-brand label product.  The product works by gently washing the tissues in the mouth and throat, helping to soothe and prevent sore throat symptoms. The effect of the spray alleviates swelling and congestion of the mucus membrane and rinses away excess mucus due to colds and allergies. Compared with traditional oral rinses (saline gargles), throat sprays are more effective in coating the oropharynx allowing for rapid relief of symptoms and reducing the need for antibiotics.

As a seawater-based product, the spray formulated by Aurena is free of preservatives, and contains extracts of aloe vera and chamomile in the solution. These natural ingredients prove effective in treating non-complicated pharyngolaringitis, both bacterial and viral.

The product offers the following relief to users:

  • Irrigating and rinsing mouth and throat
  • A moisturizing effect
  • Alleviation of pain on swallowing, feeling of dryness and burning
  • Alleviation of swelling and congestion of the mucous membrane
  • Washing off viruses and bacteria from the surface of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, tonsils, reducing microbial dissemination.
  • Helping reduce swelling and congestion of the mucous membrane.
  • Helping restore the mucous and regeneration of mucous membrane.
  • Increasing the therapeutic efficacy of drugs applied to the mucosa.

The benefits of a seawater throat spray in bag-on-valve spray technology

As a bag-on-valve aerosol, the spray sealed inside the bag is never in contact with the propellant, compressed air or nitrogen, and is kept sterile throughout the entire shelf life, even with frequent usage. Since the propellant is not flammable, it is classed as a non-flammable aerosol, which offers advantages regarding safety, transportation and storage. In addition, the end-user experience is enhanced with the following benefits:

  • Non-medicated
  • Can be used by all ages
  • Easy to take anywhere without the risk of leaking or exploding
  • Preservative free and sterile
  • 100% product emptying
  • Fully recyclable

Modernize your product range together with a trusted supplier

The over-the-counter throat spray from Aurena Laboratories is registered according to the European Medical Device Directive class IIa. Are you interested in formulating or innovating a throat spray in bag-on-valve? Contact us for options and more information.

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